Lucas Kaichen, Buyer Specialist

Pledge to Clients: 

I pledge to bring the highest level of integrity to each individual client. Not only following protocol, but going above and beyond with commitment to undocumented excellence. Taking the opportunity to help the situation anyway possible.

Professional Experience:

I am experienced in helping people make their dreams a reality. Combining what people want, need, and can manage to create a wonderful lifestyle. Shooting for the stars is great, as long as we have realistic expectations.

Outside Interests:

I am interested in the great outdoors. Playing in the snow and staying warm with my wife by the fire! Everything's better with a good meal.

Personal Information:

I was born in Coos Bay, Oregon. Lived with 3 brothers, 3 sisters, and my parents in Oregon, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Colorado. Enjoyed the different things each state had to offer. I learned to tie flies, fish, and hunt in the Colorado Rockies. After meeting my wife in Colorado we decided to expand our awesome lives and explore Alaska. What a dream come true!